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   10 Years of Growing and Selling Kratom   

Ninja Botanicals has been enjoying working with Kratom in many forms since 2009.  Having developed a passion for the plant, Ninja's CEO, Jeff started by propagating and selling baby trees.  Luckily, Ninja is based out of Florida, which is the perfect climate.  Ninja Botanicals connected with a farmer in Bali, Indonesia to learn the best ways to grow trees.

Over the next 9 years Ninja Botanicals sold close to 10,000 trees as a 3rd party vendor through various vendor sites such as I am Shaman and Mazatec Gardens.  Keeping up with growing so many trees became a lot of maintenance.  Today we no longer propagate trees, but rather simply sell the leaves in it's various forms, imported from the same farmer we met in 2009.

In having a long time, trusted Indonesian source, Ninja Botanicals has provided product to friends and local businesses for ten years. 


Over time, it grew from favors into a real business with an excellent reputation across South Florida.  Finally coming on to the web, Ninja Botanicals is proud to present Kratom to a wider audience..

Though Ninja Botanicals no longer sells trees, we can often be found swinging from them in the back yard.  Our original mother plants are 30 feet tall trees today (pictured below).  

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