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Shipping Payment & Return Policies

Shipping Policy

Orders placed before 5:00 pm will ship within one business day of the electronic check clearing.  Because we sell Kratom and credit card providers do not allow the sale of Kratom to go through their payment processing, we utilize an electronic check (eCheck) system.  Unlike credit/debit cards, electronic checks take about five business days for the funds to clear into our account.  First-time orders will not be shipped until funds clear.  This is to protect ourselves.  As we build a relationship, patrons who place frequent orders will not be required to wait until funds clear for shipping to occur. 


Shipping will not take place on weekends nor holidays.  Orders placed after 5:00 pm will ship within two business days of electronic check clearance.  Orders are shipped using USPS.  Options appear in the shopping check out process. Expedited shipping may be available under special circumstances deemed by discussion.  Please contact us for information.


Once a product is shipped a USPS tracking number will be provided by email.  We can not guarantee the efficiency of the United States Post office tracking information.

It is not always available immediately and while products are in route, but generally is available when products arrive.

Items will be shipped to the address provided by the customer. If the customer provides an inaccurate address, Ninja Botanicals will not be responsible, however, when the product is returned by the post office it will be re-shipped out to the same customer, unopened, with a new shipping label.  If at the time of labeling, the system alerts us that the address is not valid, the customer will be notified and the product(s) will not ship until the customer has responded and corrected the shipping address. 


You are responsible to know the laws of your state; in addition, we do not process orders from Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee, Sarasota County – FL, San Diego – CA, Jerseyville – IL. Please research if Mitragyna Speciosa is legal for shipment to your area prior to ordering. Orders from these areas will have a refund initiated within 3 business days 


At this time we do not ship internationally. 

Return & Exchange Policy


We will accept returns if it is due to any damage that is our fault or defect. We not to accept returns of our product due to consumer preference.  Once a product is returned it cannot be resold.  Depending on the circumstances refunds may be possible if the customer notifies Ninja Botanicals within 3 days of order receipt. Packages that are tracked to arrival but are lost or stolen upon arrival will not be replaced. If your order has not yet been shipped and you wish to cancel your order then please call us at ‪(561) 454-8940 and we will do our utmost to accommodate you. We cannot intercept packages that have already shipped.  They can be returned upon receipt and refunded after the return arrives back to Ninja Botanicals unopened, only. Shipping fees for this circumstance will not be refunded.  Only the product cost will be refunded.


If you are missing an item, or the item you receive is damaged then please contact us. We will (check our inventory) and if warranted, send out a replacement free of any shipping costs to you. If a refund is deemed necessary then we will manually refund your transaction or the appropriate amount for the returned items.



Payment Methods available:  Electronic check (eCheck), Paper check via US Mail.

Why eChecks and not credit or debit cards?  eChecks are safer for Kratom transactions.  Credit and debit cards and associated accounts can be frozen due to Kratom purchasing. With an eCheck, this is not a problem.  Kratom is classified as a “high risk” product within the banking industry, and they have completely banned it from processing throughout the PCI (credit/debit card) departments across the country. Any company accepting payments has to have a federally approved processor/payment gateway that is “PCI” compliant. At present, the only PCI compliant type of processing for Kratom is eChecks.

PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, Square, GooglePay and Visa have all discontinued service for Kratom and other "high risk" products like CBD and Medical Marijuana.


The majority of issues can be solved very easily.  We have high expectations that any customers experiencing any difficulty will contact us to bring any challenges to our attention rather than submit a chargeback. We take chargebacks very seriously and will consider them fraud 100% of the time.  Multiple chargebacks in a "high risk" category make it more difficult for all vendors.  Ninja Botanicals welcomes the opportunity to solve any issues and if it is called for will provide a refund. 

Chargebacks without communicating directly with Ninja Botanicals that the customer will submit a chargeback will be prosecuted by Ninja Botanicals to the fullest extent of law, and the customer will be placed on a "do not sell" list as well as reported within the vendor community.

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