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8 Easy Kratom Recipes

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

So I have to start with a disclaimer. Kratom is not approved for consumption by the FDA. That said, millions of Americans are consuming it for various reasons, none of which we can promote. Recently one of my friends inquired about Kratom for her husband and we had a lengthy conversation about the many options that he could choose from to consume it. I got to thinking about how many times I have had this conversation with people seeking to benefit their lives in some way from this miraculous yet controversial plant. So here we are and I'm writing a blog post on it. Next time someone asks, I'll be able to say, hang on and I'll send you my blog post.

But first, here is an understanding of product measurements:

Capsules: Each capsule in a size 00 contains 500 milligrams of Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) powder. In summary, they are simply vegan capsule shells filled with Kratom powder on Ninja Botanicals. If a vendor is claiming that their capsules contain more than 1/2 a gram of product, either they are not being truthful or there may be extract or something else added. Size 0's are smaller, size 000 are larger. Size 000 holds 1 gram of powder.

Powder: While it's better to measure by weight, because some powders are finer ground than others, on average 1 heaping teaspoon of powder is equivalent to about 5 grams of Kratom. Most powders are pretty close to the same size grains.

Leaf: Measuring leaf crumbs can be very tricky. If the cut of crushed leaf is course, one cup is equivalent to just under 50 grams of Kratom. If the cut is finer then one cup is equivalent to over 50 grams. Using a kitchen scale is really the best bet for accurate leaf measurement.

The no fuss method. Really there are not any recipes for capsules. They are most convenient when traveling or in a hurry. The thing to be aware of with capsules is that your body receives the dose all at once, unlike when sipping a tea or eating a treat slowly.

Powder is really the best form of Kratom for baking and can be added into any baked goods. Chocolate is a good base for powders (example: brownies or fudge).

The Citrus throwback - In about 1/4 cup of cold orange juice (or other citrus juice), add the desired amount of Kratom powder and swish it. Drink quickly. Another option I enjoy is Trader Joe's green juice (which has a base of apple and pineapple juices blended).

The pour over - Purchase a Primula coffee pour over or other fine mesh filter. I have tried several and truly the Primula is the best one I have found. Many of the others don't have a fine enough mesh and you end up with a lot of sediment at the bottom of your cup. Put the Primula on top of your cup. Add one teaspoon (5 grams) of powder to the device. Get a cup of scalding hot water and pour it into the Primula. Once it filters through you will have a cup of tea. The powder can be used a second time, but will be on the weaker side. I usually add a pinch of powder to the second batch. For taste improvement try adding from my list of flavor additives towards the end of the blog.

Honey balls - Add Kratom powder to a bowl. Gradually stir in a good quality honey, blending as you go until it becomes a thick paste. Form the paste into balls. These can be easily stored in the refrigerator for easy consumption. Suggestion: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per ball.

Apple bomb - One cup of applesauce, 1 teaspoon of powder, pinch of cinnamon, and a few drops of honey or sugar if needed. Option: Add the applesauce into oatmeal.

Crushed leaf is the best form of Kratom for making tea. We have another blog post on how to brew tea using a pressure pot here. If, however, you do not have a pressure pot, it can be done on the stove top. The instructions are below, but first some serving suggestions:

Iced Kratom Lemonade - Add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar and the juice of one lemon to a metal shaker. Add 10 ounces of Kratom tea and ice cubes. Shake until frothy and serve over ice.

Spiced pumpkin Kratom tea - Into a hot cup of Kratom tea add: 1-2 teaspoons of honey, and pumpkin spice blend.

Kratom Chai tea - Into a hot cup of Kratom tea, add honey or sugar, chai spice and half & half.

Kratom Cider - Into a hot cup of Kratom tea, 50% apple cider, cinnamon and sugar or honey.

How to make a pot of Kratom tea on the stove top:

Use large pot, preferable capable of fitting at least 1 gallon of water.

Fill with 3 quarts or 3/4 gal of water. Add 75-100 grams of crushed leaf (depending on

required strength.

Bring water to a boil, then reduce to a slow rolling boil, enough to keep the tea stirring itself.

Boil uncovered for 45 min.

After 45 min., you should have about a 1/2 gal. of tea. Strain the tea into a large pot and

pour it into a gallon pitcher.

Put the used leaf back into the pot with another 3/4 gallon of water, and 25 grams fresh

unused leaf in the pot. Then start the process all over again.

When you’re finished, you should have about 1 gal. of ready to drink tea!!

After you’re finished making tea, don't toss the leaf:

Take the leaf in the strainer and add it to a tupperware. Add enough water to the tupperware to submerge the remaining leaf so it doesn’t freezer burn, and place it into the freezer. Now you have your starter for the next pot of tea.

Making your second pot:

When you make tea the second time and every time afterwards, add the ice cube of starter tea (the one you saved) to the pot first, then add your 75-100 grams of leaf, fill your pot to the 3/4 gal. mark, and start your process.

You will not need to add extra leaf from this point on as long as you have saved leaf from the previous boil.

Once you’re finished with making tea the second time, Fill your tupperware with the remaining leaf, and discard what doesn’t fit. This way you are constantly rotating out old leaf, but there is still some value to the leaf that’s frozen. Typically you can get 2-3 boils out of the leaf before it’s expired, so it does add a little to the strength and flavor even after you’ve frozen and returned it to the pot.

It sounds complicated, but once you’ve done it a couple times it’s no big deal.

One quick hint, don't make a volcano: Keep track of how long it takes to get to almost boiling. You’ll notice that the leaf will be like a cake on top and almost grow and slit open like a volcano. You’ll wan to start stirring it just when this is about to happen and stir till it starts rolling on its own. Then its good to go until the timer goes off. Once you learn how long it takes to boil, set a timer for about 2 minutes before that so you don’t have an overflow mess when the volcano erupts!! LOL

I hope you have enjoyed the blog post, and would enjoy your feedback! Have a great day :)


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